Crystal Pitch is the quality control wizard for audio. A Certified Apple Digital Mastering House for Apple Music. We provide legendary sound at affordable prices! We specialize in audio track cleaning. We value the true quality of sound to define the essence of audio art.
Our focus is A/V (audio/visual) media and entertainment. We assist and provide artists, musicians, and record labels with audio mastering. We specialize in broadcasting/podcasting, audiobooks, personal recordings of songs/records, playlists, and any audio from your archive. ID3 tagging is available! If you have a track near completion or a project waiting to be released, WE WILL HELP! Crystal Pitch is an official Digital Mastering House for Apple! You're in the right place if you're looking for industry-quality and radio-ready sound!
Crystal Pitch LLC King Preem

King Preem is the CEO & President of Crystal Pitch.

Crystal Pitch LLC Willfully Willow

Willfully Willow is our Vice President and CFO for Crystal Pitch.

Welcome to our vision, I’m Chris (King Preem)!
Thank you for taking the time to inform yourself of our creative vision for the future. If you find value in the information provided, please share and contribute. Our vision is to assist in skill building through self-confidence in each individual.
Crystal Pitch is an audio mastering company operated by my wife, son & me. We provide artists, record labels, and audio artists with audio editing. I’m a Full Sail Alumni twice with degrees in Audio Engineering and Digital Cinematography. Woodlyne is an art & design graduate in business management. Laviè is a full-time student in an advanced educated home school curriculum. Our goal is to utilize our skills to improve our community by teaching knowledge and providing resources.
In 2017 we launched sessions. Our sessions brought our communities to our door for recording and project-based requests. We've taken responsibility for artist development, and personal performance.
Our sessions freed many individuals and allowed them to overcome trauma by completing creative projects. The solution was to educate, provide a stable operation station, make services and costs affordable, and provide the tools needed for each project. The results were phenomenal! We saw an increase in productivity and our place became a safe haven to express personal experiences.
Crystal Pitch is based out of Philadelphia. We are active in the community to bring awareness to our message. The message is peace, love, joy, happiness, and abundance. We plan to provide tools and resources to our youth and educate them on the technologies of the future. Through the last few months, we have curated the necessary resources for the ideas to develop. Our recent research has shown that we need assistance with reaching that goal. There are deeper roots we will create with the proper funding. We’re currently accepting donations for our future project. The project will be curated by Crystal Pitch and operated by our team members.
We've partnered with major brands like Apple for all our tools and devices. They've also granted us to be a certified mastering house for apple digital music. We work directly with the city of Philadelphia for support of our outreach. Adobe has provided the software for all of our media production. Dropbox has granted us a secure digital space to store our creative works. We've built a reputable online presence and many worldwide trusts our five-star services. Our Brand is for the creative and by the creative. Let's remove and discard the narrative. Over the last seven (7) years we have remained a five (5) star business for our outstanding service.
Crystal Pitch is a self-funded family-owned business. We’re bringing awareness to those who’d like to donate financially. All proceeds will provide us to move our project into the next phase and begin the development. Phase one of our plan was to establish the ecosystem of our project. We stand on quality over quantity. We value self-confidence, integrity, teamwork, and commitment. We’ve created the plan for the MECCA and with the investments, we could kick-start the process.
The MECCA's abbreviation is Mentally Engaged in Clinical Creative Atmospheres. Our spaces will provide artists and creatives to explore their ideas in new ways. We have digital spaces available and we invite everyone to join us for our discussions on discord ( Click Here ). We’re growing our community and breaking out of our shells. Mastery promotes healthy relationships through skill building. We currently are researching innovative solutions for positive mental development. Phase two is to bring atmospheres to life in our communities.
Felix, Woodlyne & Laviè Braswell
Crystal Pitch LLC
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