Crystal Pitch is the quality control wizards for audio. A Certified Apple Digital Mastering House for iTunes & Apple Music. We provide legendary sound at affordable prices! Mastering, Sound Design, and Song Writing are things we offer but, we specialize in Audio Cleaning. We value the true quality of sound to define the essence of audio art. 

Our focus is A/V (audio/visual) media and entertainment. We assist and provide artists, musicians, and record labels with audio mastering.  Also, we specialize in broadcasting/podcasting, audiobooks, personal recordings of songs/records, playlists, and any audio from your archive. ID3 tagging is available! If you have a track near completion, a project that is waiting to be released, WE WILL HELP! Crystal Pitch is Mastered for iTunes

If you're looking for industry quality and radio-ready sound, you're in the right place! Our promise is to help signed and independent artists, bands, producers, and creators achieve amazing mixes that stand out.

All genres are accepted (pop styles, hip-Hop/Rap, Rhythm & Blues, Spoken Word, Guided Meditation, Soundtracks, Jingles, etc;)
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