Apple Digital Master can only be made by audio engineers who have an ADM Certification. Here at Crystal Pitch, we're certified to create ready-for-release Apple Digital Master records. We offer professional mastering for Apple Music and DSPs. 

 Apple Digital Masters Certified

⏱ Quick turnaround
🚫 Artificial Intelligence 
Why should you master audio files?
The mastering process ensures that the audio can be optimally played back, whether on streaming services, CDs, or a vinyl record. In addition to that, mastering helps keep an album sounding consistent and cohesive between tracks. 

A.D.M. Badge for Distribution. 
WAV + M4A - 24-bit/44.1 kHz - 24-bit/96kHz
Equalization, Compression & Limiting - Meta Data  
One (1) revision per master. Two (2) Day Turnaround.
The Wave Willfully Willow King Preem Apple Music Digital Masters Crystal Pitch LLC

The Wave - 24-bit/96 kHz - ALAC

Alive King Preem Apple Music Digital Masters Crystal Pitch LLC

Alive - 24-bit/88.2 kHz - ALAC

What files are accepted for mastering?  
Any two (2) track stereo audio file is acceptable! MP3, WAV, etc;  
Is stem mixing included in mastering? 
No, however, if you are interested in STEM mixing and mastering send us a message!
Do you master podcast audio? 
Yes, we master all audio files and formats for all audio projects! Send us your broadcasting/radio, song releases, and any audio files from your hard drive!
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