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Hey, it's Chris from Crystal Pitch digital mastering house! I’m a mastering engineer and artist. I hope you're enjoying your day. We master audio for independent and major label representatives. Recently, we launched our first sound pack for all creatives. Our sounds are original, custom, and unique. Utilize these sound tools in any DAW. The sounds and loops are fit for any creative project and can be adjusted or manipulated. Enjoy and download our ROYALTY FREE sound pack. Our fast food kit is ready to use out of the pack. Get instant access to industry sounds from seasoned professionals.
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Future self: Self-Actualization is the first segment of a twelve-part series. The future self series is about self-development and the power of actualization. This volume describes personal growth techniques and reaching your full potential by problem-solving. 
The issue that we face day-to-day is the lack of self-perseverance. Planning for your future self is the best thing that you can do for yourself. We must pay attention to the smallest details when planning and achieving our goals. In this book, we will discuss manifesting techniques, personal growth development, and problem-solving skills. ​​​​​​​
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